【FREE】This Week’s Feature Japanese Film: Kenji Kamiyama’s 『NAPPING PRINCESS』| JCCC VIRTUAL KOBAYASHI HALL

WELCOME TO THE “VIRTUAL JCCC FILM SERIES” In Cooperation with the Japan Foundation Toronto This Week’s Feature: Kenji Kamiyama’s NAPPING PRINCESS The screening is FREE with password. Viewers wishing to support the JCCC’s on-going programming […]

“Learning from the past by sharing what Japanese Canadians experienced during war” Toronto, Canada STORY. 10 James Heron Interview

James Heron As the executive director of Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC), James contributes not only to the development of Japanese community but also to the development of Canadian society by promoting Japanese culture. When […]

“Japanese culture is a piece in Canada’s cultural mosaic.” Toronto, Canada STORY.9 Chris Hope Interview

Chris Hope Born as a fourth-generation Japanese Canadian, Chris contributes to the communication of Japanese-Canadian history and the maintenance of Japanese-Canadian community through filmmaking and management of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) in Toronto. […]

“To create a place where Japanese Canadians can be proud of their roots and their cultural heritage.” Gary Kawaguchi Interview | Past, Present and Future of Japanese Canadian Community

2017 was a significant year for many as it marked 150 years of Canada’s history and 50 years since new immigrants came to Toronto. Along with the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC), we bring to […]