Who Wants to Try Sweet and Savoy Inari Sushi from Sushimi Toronto?

Who like sushi? I wish everyone would answer “Yes, me!” But the reality is, sushi is not everyone’s favorite. Some people don’t like it because sushi contains raw fish most of the time. My husband, for example. It’s been always on my wish list to enjoy sushi with him. Not that I want to force him to eat it, but I know there are some kinds of sushi out there that he can enjoy as well. And I found this.

Yes, Inari sushi. (This place sell them as “Yubu”. I believe that’s how they call it in Korea. )

Inari sushi, or Inarizushi, is a type of sushi made of rice tucked inside sweetened deep-fried tofu pockets called inari age. The tofu pockets are cooked in dashi broth with sugar and soy-source. Yes, it’s slightly sweet and salty, the perfect balance for the taste buds. Therefore inari sushi is loved by everyone from toddlers to seniors.
I’ve found a new cool sushi place that sells Inari sushi near Bathurst and Richmond called Sushimi. Actually, I drive by this place every day since it’s on my way to work, and I’ve always been meaning to stop by, but hadn’t. But then the other day I happened to walk by this place so why not, right? I went in, and ask about the sign hung on the window with the picture of Inari sushi on it. Made sure that that is Inari sushi because it says Yubu on it – I didn’t know that’s Korean. And I got Salmon and Crabmeat mayonnaise for myself.

Oh my goodness. It is off the hook! Inari is sweet and savory, the vinegared rice is just right balance. The generous amount of toppings – Salmon is fresh, goes well with a bit of soy source. Crabmeat is soft and fluffy in my mouth, mayonnaise make the flavor nice and mild. I love them both.

Of course I couldn’t keep it to myself. Had to buy them for my husband to enjoy it together.

Crabmeat mayonnaise and Tuna mayonnaise. He enjoyed the hell out of it. He said now he can enjoy going to sushi place as long as the place has this type of sushi.

Well, I’m glad! Lol

Perhaps we can grab some for a picnic when the weather is nice.

They seem to have a good selection other than just inari including Aburi (torched) sushi, maki set, udon, and lunch boxes etc,. Last but most importantly, the staff is friendly and nice.