Uniqlo facemask aims to provide users a breathable summer

Uniqlo recently released their first Airism face mask that is breathable, comfortable, washable and reusable.

The demand for facemask remains high as the cure for the virus is yet to be found. During this period of time, Japan’s famous retail clothing store Uniqlo starts selling face masks with breathable fabric that is used for their popular underwear.

Wearing a facemask during summer time is not the most comfortable things in the world. Because of the facemask, many users are experiencing skin problems, like acne or other allergic reactions. Uniqlo’s washable facemask aims to provide the general public a breathable summer.

On the first day of its release in Japan, there are people standing in the rain waiting for their local uniqlo to open. Meanwhile, on their website experiences a huge traffic which leads to a crash afterwards.

The masks are sold in three-piece packs for 9.26 USD and are available in three sizes.

According to Uniqlo’s website, “Airism Mask has a bacterial filtration efficiency of 99%, which the brand says is retained even after 20 washes. The style features a patent-pending three-layer structure — with a mesh material on the outside, a high-performance filter in the middle and Airrhythm tech on the inside — that’s designed to maximize performance and comfort”.

Another website footwearnews, said that “The mesh material on the outside has a UV protection function and cuts out 90% of ultraviolet rays, while the high-performance filter in the middle will cut and block particles with bacteria and viruses attached as well as pollen. The interior is made of a non-woven cotton that wicks sweat, keeping the wearer feeling cool and dry even in the heat of summer”.

The website also noted that Uniqlo’s parent company, Fast Retailing, says that even though the mask is only available in Japan’s Uniqlo, they are planning to expand the product to overseas soon, adding that the company plans to produce 500,000 mask packs a week in three different sizes.

To encourage the general public to wear masks, designer brands begins to join in and start producing fashionable masks. For example, Alice + Olivia is also selling for $10 and some of its proceeds will be going to help communities that are in need of masks. Other brands like Bella + Canvas, Forever 21 and Shein are also hopping on the reusable mask train. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing fashion sense while wearing a face mask.

BBC describes face masks “are a symbol of the pandemic era – a visual metaphor for the tiny, unseen viral foe that could be lurking around any corner”. However, there are still debate around the world about why the public should be encouraged to wear face masks. A recent video shows that there are citizens from the Orange County, US complains about the mandatory face mask rules because “God gave this body to be able to extract [Co2] but [the government] is asking them to breath in waste”. I am no scientist but if the mask have a slight chance to reduce a person’s chance to get the hideous virus, I would like to take this risk and wear a mask whenever I am out.