Leslie Cheung: Continue breaking gender normal 17 years after his death | Hot Asian Men Friday

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#영원한오빠#장국영 #그를기리며 #리그램 – @cine_21 by @get_regrammer “난 인기 최절정에 있을 때 그만두고 은퇴할 거야. 내리막길은 겪고 싶지 않아. 시들어가는 건 싫다고.” 살아생전 홍콩 배우 장국영은 입버릇처럼 왕가위 감독에게 이렇게 말했다고 합니다. 그의 바람대로 장국영은 시들지도 않고, 내리막길을 걷지도 않은 채 매년 4월1일마다 찬란했던 그 시절 그 모습으로 기억되고 있습니다. 전설이 되고 싶었던 위대한 배우의 기일을 추모하며, 장국영 내한 당시 <씨네21>이 직접 담은 그의 모습을 소개합니다. #장국영 #lesliecheung #4월1일 #영화스타그램 #왕가위

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This week marks the 17th year of Leslie Cheung’s death. However, many of his fans still mourn over his beauty, talent and his braveness to break gender norms.

Leslie Cheung was one of the most popular male singers and actors of the mid-1980s. Many people remembered him as the lead for Farewell My Concubine. In a BBC article, someone said that “he shows the Chinese-speaking world that gay people can be positive, bright and worthy of respect”.

He was the co-star in Happy Together directed by Wong Kar Wai. It is a stereotypical romance played by two man. Slowly, he becomes an iconic figure in Hong Kong that awakens the LGBT community in China.

Cheung’s orginal name was Cheung Fat-chung. He was born in 1965. Cheung’s music and films not only captured the hearts of fans in Hong Kong but also other Asian countries including Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea.

He was the first foreign artist to hold 16 concerts in Japan, a record that has yet to be broken. CNN voted him as “The Most Beautiful Man from Hong Kong Cinema” and one of “Asia’s 25 Greatest Actor of All Time”.

In 1997, he came out of the closet at his concert. He was in a long-term relationship with his childhood friend, Daffy Tong. However, in 2003 he committed suicide due to his severe clinical depression. His beauty will always remain in our hearts.