Sake – Steamed Leek Recipe

Have you had any Sake steamed dishes? Clams are most commonly used with this technic – just like White wine steamed clams in the West, but steaming in sake goes well with fish, mushrooms, vegetables, etc. almost any kind of ingredients taste good with it.

Steaming in sake softens the fishy smell of the ingredient, while also bringing out more flavors and infusing Umami from sake.

Our fellow writer, Yuka-san introduced a wonderful sake steamed recipe using leeks on TORJA Blog. I tried that, and it was mind-blowing good considering how simple, easy, and quick this dish can be. And I don’t even eat veggies usually. (not my favorite) So I’m very excited to share it in English here. It makes perfect nibbles when you drink, or snacks – even kids finish it up in a sec.

If you’re interested in the original recipe from Yuka-san, check it out here!

| How to Make Sake – Steamed Leeks

Ingredients you’ll need

• 1-2 Leeks Only white part
• 1-2 tbs Sake or white wine
• Mayonnaise (as dipping sauce)
• Chilli pepper powder (for some kick)

Quick steps

① Cut a leek in 2-3 cm thick

② Place them on a heated pan. Pour sake and put a lid on, steam on low heat for 5 minutes

③ After sake evaporate, open a lid, and wait until the surface turns nice golden brown.


Sprinkle chill pepper power, dip in mayonnaise, and ENJOY!! – If you have Japanese Kewpie Mayonnaise, that’s even better. (Because it’s the best mayonnaise in the world…)