What is ‘Ddungcaron’ and why it’s popular in Japan?

Macaron - A macaron is a meringue-confection made with egg white, sugar, almond meal, and food coloring. This sweet and cute-looking dessert is enjoyed all over the world today, but originally from France and, Italy.

Okay, you most likely know what a macaron is. But have you heard ‘Ddungcaron’?
Ddungcaron - Ddungcaron came from Korea. It is basically a fat, chunky macaron that has a very thick filling and often got some toppings to grade up the looks. It simply makes the cutest sweet ever be made in history.

Now, with a name that sounds more like Tunkaron, this K-sweet is taking over Japan.
It quickly became one of the popular sweets in Japan that some food industry media says “Once you start selling Tunkaron, there is no doubt that it will attract youngsters. “

But why does this sweet captivates young people?

First, the distinctively cute appearance is perfect for snapping photos and sharing with friends and the world on Instagram. A regular macaron has mostly just a round shape, but ddungcaron/ tunkaron comes in various shapes, for example, a bear, a cloud, a heart, and so on. Stores that sell this fat chunky macaron come up with any kind of shape that’ll be considered as cute, and it sells like hotcakes.

Tunkaron is not just attractive on the outside, but the various choices of flavors are also the reason why it’s fascinated by people.

Those stores, cafes provide high quality taste by using natural ingredients.

It seems that there are a couple of places selling Ddungcaron in Vancouver, but as long as I know it hasn’t come to Toronto yet. Hopefully, one day we all can enjoy these cute dreamy sweets in Toronto.

If you have an opportunity to visit Japan and are interested in this sweet then search トゥンカロン (Tunkaron) on google or Instagram. It’ll show you the best Tunkaron places near you, and just enjoy the cuteness and yumminess ☺