Student-Friendly Study Spots in Vancouver!

I love studying at a café because a different environment from home helps me motivate to study and get my work done. Each café has a different atmosphere, vibes, and unique features. If you feel snaky while studying, these places have you covered. Here are lists of cafes that I’ve been going to and love.

1.Loafe Café

My go-to study spot in UBC! They have nice seating inside for studying, and the table is big enough to open computers, iPads, and notebooks. They have WiFi and outlets in the selected area. Don’t forget; they have great Avocado Toast and coffee to keep up your work.

Loafe Cafe
Address:6163 University Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1
Mon 8:30-16:30
Tue 8:30-16:30
Wed 8:30-16:30
Thu 8:30-16:30
Fri  8:30-16:30
Sat  10:00-17:00
Sun  10:00-17:00

2.Storm City Coffee

Their coffee, avocado toast, smoothie bowls…everything is super delicious that gives me study fuel! It’s a very bright and quiet café in Kitsilano and has a good amount of seating space. I love coming here in the morning when everyone is about to get up and grab a coffee on the way to work.

Storm City Coffee
Address:3403 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6R 2B4
Mon 8:00-16:00
Tue 8:00-16:00
Wed 8:00-16:00
Thu 8:00-16:00
Fri 8:00-16:00
Sat 8:00-16:00
Sun 8:00-16:00

3.The Press Room

Great café with nice seating inside and high ceiling! It’s located in the Olympic village. The atmosphere is super friendly and cozy, and it has a big enough table to study and get your work done as well. They also offer delicious pastries and sandwiches, which makes me focus on studying!

The Press Room
Address:1778 Columbia St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1B8
Mon 8:00-16:00
Tue 8:00-16:00
Wed 8:00-16:00
Thu 8:00-16:00
Fri 8:00-16:00
Sat 8:30-16:00
Sun 8:30-16:00

4.Foglifter Coffee Roasters

It’s a new café on Main Street. It has lots of seating and quiet since most people come here to study/work. They also have delicious sandwiches and carrot cake which are my favourite!

Foglifter Coffee Roasters
Address:3590 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N4
Mon 6:00-18:00
Tue 6:00-18:00
Wed 6:00-18:00
Thu 6:00-18:00
Fri 6:00-18:00
Sat 7:00-18:00
Sun 7:00-18:00

5.La Forêt

A popular destination for studying in Burnaby! Many students come here to study, so it’s nice and quiet. They open late until 10:00 pm, so when you feel like you have to stay longer, this is the place to go. It would be best to keep in mind that they don’t have outlets, so make sure you have your computers fully charged, and go on weekdays as WiFi is cut on weekends. Besides that, their strawberry waffles and roll cakes are must-try items!

I’m always looking for a place to study, so I hope this list helps people find their favorite one!

La Forêt
Address:6848 Jubilee Ave, Burnaby, BC V5J 4B3
Mon  8:00-22:00
Tue 8:00-22:00
Wed  8:00-22:00
Thu  8:00-22:00
Fri  8:00-22:00
Sat  9:00-22:00
Sun  9:00-22:00