Sakura Bloomed A Little Earlier Than at High Park -Sakura Pudding from Onigiri Bar Suzume

Who thinks spring is THE best season all around year?
If you think so, YOU are my favorite person already.

Spring is the season that nature awakens from the brutal winter, the whole city gets colourful.
I mean, as a person with a pollen allergy, sometimes I want to curse all the trees that trigger it, but still, it can’t bother me from loving this awesome season of a gift from the earth.

Spring in Japan is well known for the sakura tree. A lot of people travel from all over the place to Japan to see the incredible view of sakura.

There’s a Japanese tradition called hanami (花見). When the sakura trees bloom in the spring, people gather under them to talk, eat, and drink while enjoying the beauty of sakura.

Sakura is easy on the eyes, but it’s also tasty, did you know that?

Those delectable sakura sweets are also the reason that I eagerly await the arrival of spring in the winter.

And my personal favorite Japanese food vendor, Suzume Onigiri Bar came up with this beautiful, yet delicious Sakura pudding this spring.

Sakura sweets often come with sweet and savory flavor since sakura blossoms are pickled. And this sakura pudding is no exception. You can taste a hint of the flower’s fragrance in the richness of oat milk, and the pickled sakura blossoms bring out the sweetness of the red beans.

She scores again!