Sendhil Ramamurthy is a smart pre-med actor | Hot Asian Men Friday

Ramamurthy is best known for his role in NBC sci-fi drama “Hero” as a geneticist, Mohinder Suresh. Little do everyone know, his parents and his sisters are all physicians and he almost became one too.

Ramamurthy was born in Chicago but raised in Texas. He was enrolled at Tufts University as a pre-med student, aiming to follow the same path as his parents and sister. While he was in his junior year, he was enrolled in an introduction to acting course as graduation requirement. However, this was also where he found his passion for acting. After this course, he decided to switch to History major and continue in pursuing his acting dream in London at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. After he graduated he was part of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Besides American TV series and British plays, Ramamurthy also performed for Bollywood. He values his Indian heritage but he tries to avoid being typocast. According to Tvoverind, he told the press that “there was a period when he stopped acting and decided to go to business school,” adding that he is an “American professional actor who wants to be seen as such and just because he is proud of his Indian ancestry, it doesn’t mean that he has any interest in perpetuating stereotypes about all people of Indian descent”.

However, this talented young man married Olga Sosnovsa and have two children named Halina and Alex. Theya re living happily together in London.