The Rising Wasabi: The Best Site for Real Fake News

“The Rising Wasabi is Japan’s premium satirical news publication covering the latest from the land of the rising sun and current events from around the globe.” The site, which also has a popular page on Instagram, features short, witty and satirical articles on Japan, criticizing Japan’s “democratic dictatorship” form of government and on-going issues of discrimination and sexism. Recently, The Rising Wasabi, after Tokyo Disneyland announced its new ‘experiences’ that will debut in 2020, published an article, mirroring the news, ‘Tokyo Disneyland Unveils New Fantasy Area Where Women Have Equal Rights’:

Four new attractions will be built based on globally popular egalitarian notions. Two will feature “female CEOs” while the others will highlight “women-with-sufficient-access-to-reasonably-priced-childcare” and “men-who-work-9-to-5”.

However, The Rising Wasabi isn’t only the place for big sarcastic news. It is a humble publication; no matter is too small for it to make fun of and bring attention to. Here are some examples from The Rising Wasabi’s ‘Society’ section, where the activities of strange white men in Japan are reported. 

Gaijin Buys 1 Liter Of ‘Milk’

A foreigner has bought what was believed to be one liter of fresh milk yesterday in Shizuoka Prefecture.
“Yep, I just katta me some oishii gyuunyuu,” thought 32-year-old gaijin James Dodd.
“I can’t wait to nomu it and add it to watashi no shiriaru.”
The man was in for quite a rude surprise this morning when he tasted his “milk” with cornflakes.
Dodd did receive a straw and plastic bag with his “milk”.

Sometimes, short posts of twitter is the most effective way to deliver fake news:

And because many major news outlets fail to acknowledge that Japan’s Prime Minister is an idiot, there are plenty of articles on this site that makes fun of his corrupt ass, such as ‘Japan Developing Eternal Shinzo Abe Robot’ and ‘M Abe Blames Disabled People For Government Corruption’.

The Prime Minister is not alone. The Emperor of Japan, of course, has to be part of this. In an article published in October, 2019, ‘Emperor Naruhito Launches Twitter Account’, The writers of The Rising Wasabi writes that the Emperor hopes that Sun Goddess Amaterasu will follow him back and that the Emperor is a fan of Taylor Swift, which I don’t doubt is true. 

In the new year, where 2020 Tokyo Olympics is happening, the best place for the best fake new will be The Rising Wasabi.