The Next Level Art: Anime-Inspired Japanese Nail Art “Ita Nail”

Do you like Japanese Anime? If yes, then this article is for you!

We have so many kinds of Anime in Japan. I grew up watching Hunter X Hunter, Pretty Cure (which was popular by girls after Sailor Moon ), and Inu Yasha, etc.

In Japanese slang, we say “痛い (Itai)” literally translates to “painful” but it refers to a cringey person.

People used to call out anime nerds (Otaku) “Itai hito” literally meaning a painful person as calling a cringey person. However as anime’s popularity glows and became a world-class product, bringing in so much money to the Japanese economy, people make fun of anime is kinda “Itai hito”. Isn’t it? Look, who’s laughing now?

The anime culture has affected so many different cultures, and continually makes our lifestyle unique.

Nowadays anime-related events and cafes are opening one after another in big cities including Tokyo, and Osaka. Visiting the places related to your favorite anime is one of the things called Otakatsu (オタ活) meaning Otaku activity. Everything you do for your favorite something which make you Otaku (anime nurd) can be otakatsu.

Birthday party held for an anime character, Megumi Fushiguro from Jujutsu Kaisen

An anime-inspired café/ Kita Shinsuke from Haikyu!!

This nail-art I’m introducing today is also one big otaku activity. People are crazy about their favorite anime or anime characters that they want to put them on their nails. That’s how anime-inspired nail art called “Ita nail” became a thing.

“How do those nail artists draw such great art with small details on a tiny canvas? It’s mind-blowing!!”

My friend just got her very first ita nail done for her dearest anime character Megumi Fushiguro from Jujutsu Kaisen.

By @chibiaya.0318
By @chibiaya.0318

She said it took about two hours and a half ( if nail extensions are required, it would take longer), and for the price-wise it was ¥11000 which is about $120 Canadian.

Of course, it varies from design to design and depends on the nail technician though if you think it’s too time-consuming and too expensive for your buck, then you can order only a couple of your nails and do the rest of your nails by yourself as paint them with anime-inspired colors or however you like!

These are some of the ita nails I found on Instagram.