Koyoi Restaurant & Bar starts their lunch menu!

Last year they had many requests asking whether they will open for lunch.
Wanting to act upon that request, they had decided to open for lunch starting this year.

Kohei Yamamoto, server and kitchen manager at Koyoi restaurant & bar, he originally worked at a hotel bar in Fukuoka, Japan.
At 26, he came to Canada. After studying a bit of English, when he used this venue, he was intrigued by the bar menu.
The menu carried a variation of cocktails with you wouldn not find at a Japanese restaurant.
After realizing the learning potential of this environment, he has been able to utilize his bartender experience in his current job.
He told that although Koyoi does not have much different from the typical Japanese restaurant, they focus on trying to prepare dishes that an approachable by the customers.
Their drinks, they have from beer to wine, whisky, and cocktails, they are a restaurant that is accessible in big groups or by the individual.
The lunch menu started from January 3rd forces around 5 set-meals.
In regards to Chicken Namban (Deep fried chicken with Tartar sauce), the sweet vinegar sauce and tartar sauce is entirely prepared in-house.
They have put a lot of effort in these menus as well.
For the grilled fis, currently they have prepared atka mackerel. However, they are hoping to cycle teh menu with seasonal fish, such as pacific saury.
They use the root of the beef tongue for the base of the curry in the curry udon. They out this in the pressure cooker to soften it up and simmer it with spices. They then combine this with their homemade udon soup. Taste good!
From students to corporate workers, they hope you could casually drop by to enjoy a meal.
If it’s during the weekend, a Sapporo beer costs only 5 dollars during lunch. So coming to enjoy one of those is a good idea too.

Koyoi Restaurant & Bar
2 Irwin Ave. Toronto, ON, M4Y 1K9
TEL: 647-351-5128

Video: Takaomi Yoshida (TORONTO.TOKYO)
Music: Focus/島金島 produced by 一ノ瀬 文香 (Alyssa Ayaka Ichinose)
Translation: April Godo