Looking for a place to eat Kebabs?! -Khaghan Restaurant-

Khaghan Restaurant, located on Denman St, offers real authentic Persian food. My Persian friends recommended that I try this place out since it’s my first time trying Persian food ever!! What I got was:
Soltani (AAA top sirloin and ground beef skewer)

The place comes with kebabs, top sirloin steak, saffron rice, and grilled vegetables. Their perfectly cooked kebabs are so juicy, tender, and flavourful. The steak is also tender that it came apart so easily. The rice is cooked with saffron and has lovely crisps on the top. Everything was so right on point, and I absolutely fell in love!
Shallot yogurt

It was also my first-time trying savory yogurt, so I couldn’t imagine how it would taste. But, the yogurt itself is sour compared to regular yogurt and perfectly goes well with pita bread, and it’s refreshing appetizers that you can order.

Their food is super filling but affordable price as well. I highly recommend trying it out as the next journey of Persian food!

Khaghan Restaurant
Address:851 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2L9
Mon 11:30-21:30
Tue 11:30-21:30
Wed 11:30-21:30
Thu 11:30-21:30
Fri 11:30-21:30
Sat 11:30-21:30
Sun 11:30-21:30