There’s the Asian nerd, Asian baller and Mike Wu is the Asian gangster | Hot Asian Men Friday

In an Asian boy trio, there is always an Asian nerd, an Asian baller and an Asian gangster. And Mike Wu from CantoMando is the last one. He speaks like a rapper from Brooklyn with a hint of bad boy vibe and plenty of swag.

In case you are wondering, Mike Wu sounds exactly the same in real life and on YouTube. His love for rap have really made him into a swagalicious gangster from the streets. However, how he talks does not represent his personality. He is very down to earth and chill human. On his Instagram he looks like he is cool and all that but in one of the CantoMando videos, Edward pointed out that he was the biggest catfish because in real life he is a silly boy with a nonchalant personality.

To learn more about Edward and Sheldon from CantoMando, click on the hyperlinks and check out their articles and YouTube channel.

A Waterloo’s Urban Planning undergraduate is currently part of an up-and-coming YouTube channel called CantoMando, which talks about Asian American’s lifestyle. Mike Wu was the second person to join the team, right after Sheldon. He is the only Mandarin speaker in the trio. His family is from Beijing. From what I saw, I would like to guess that he is also the tallest among the three.

He is known to be the funniest out of the three and, more importantly, the artsiest. On his Instagram, he has plenty of posts about his artwork. On Mother’s Day, he drew his mother a cherry blossom painting which warms his mother’s heart.

However, like all the hot picks around the world, this one already got picked by the prettiest Tiffany Wan, a Cantonese Canadian born Chinese. She made multiple appearance on CantoMando’s videos. This sweetheart learnt Cantonese in a week just to take out the girlfriend’s grandmother to dim sum.

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Happy Mother’s Day 💕

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Mike had an interview with the Young Post, he said that all the videos were inspired by real life, “We draw inspiration from everything we go through and everything we know that everyone else goes through but no one talks about.” Thank you, Mike, for representing the Asian community in Western media. Thank you for giving us Asian American an identity in the western society.

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