Marutaro – an Instagram famous Shiba Inu

Marutaro, Maru for short which means “round”, has 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Times and Instagram had written an exclusive article for this Japanese famous dog. Marutaro also got nominated People’s Choice Award for Favorite Animal Star. Read on to learn more about this heart-warming creature.

Shinijir Ono, the owner of Maru, had no intention of owning a dog until he met this half-grown Shiba. He had been for sale for over a month at a pet store in his neighborhood near Tokyo, according to an Instagram post on facebook. He said that his wife and him decided that if it was still there the week after, they would take him home. Little did Ono know that he was going to bring home the world’s most adorable pet on Instagram.

This dog even had a change to meet with a Tokyo designer Daisuke Kujiraoko, who goes by the name Halno on Instagram. He is famous for his series of “levitation” photos that he posts with his friends.

In 2015, Shinjiro, Maru, Halno and Halno’s team met up for the first time. They spend an entire afternoon doing a photoshoot. Halno told Instagram that he told Ono about the images he had in mind and Maru would just follow Shinjiro’s instructions. He was impressed to see how much friendship, love and trust exist between the two.

In Time’s article, Samantha Grossman wrote 21 reasons why Marutaro is the best dog in the world. That makes Shinjiro Ono, the owner of this soon to be 12-year-old Shiba Inu the luckiest dog owner in the world. She listed reason like: inspirational, handsom, photogenic, friendly, and fluffy.

Grossman describes Maru’s personality “is truly what makes him ‘the world’s dog”. He loves cuddles at night play fetch and he likes spontaneous dances.

Her other reasons why Grossman thinks that Maru is the world best dog are listed as follow:
1.He has interspecies friendship – Maru gets along with everybody, even goats and horses.
2.He teaches us thing like how to use his fur to make a fur ball necklace.
3.He has a panda backpack – enough said.
4.He makes the cutest howling noise. <>
5.He says goodnight on Instagram for his fans.

6.He appreciates his mom for making him “an attractive big Shiba-boy”.
7.He also loves his dad who takes care of him.
8.He always finishes his food with manners.
9.He reminds fans to stay hydrated with his pictures of drinking plenty of water.
10.Maru is universal – because cuteness is an international language
11.He is reliable to be lean on. Marus offers to be a physical and emotional support to whoever that needs it.

12.This fat boy is also good when you want to do squads with some weight.
13.He shows great enthusiasm and determination… when he digs.
14.His photos are always delightful in an unexplainable way.
15.He lets his human bother him as much as he wants without complains.
16.Maru’s life is better than yours. Well, that’s impressive
17.He has been featured in art galleries. He is not just virtually famous, he is also realistically famous. 

18.He knows how to dress to impress
19.He is the cutest puppy
20.He is extremely inspirational. For example, when he sets a goal to jump over a log, he will make this happen.
21.He is also extremely positive and has a perfect smile. He smiles like his owner too.

Grossman mentioned a story about Maru being positive and encouraging. During the devastating earthquake in 2011, his website writes “with the hope of easing people’s anxiety, even a little bit” with photos of Maru. People’s reply are positive, telling him that the photos were cheering them up.

Ono onces said that “Photography has the power to transcend all the barriers such as race, gender, religion, philosophy, and politics.” Like, I have said earlier, cute dog is an international language. Everyone can break their barriers when they see a dog as cute as Maru.

Maru also has his own store. Look at this talented boy.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that he is a meme?