Game Review: Luigi Mansion 3

Photo: Sergey Galyonkin

Luigi Mansion 3 came out on Halloween Day. I bought it the first day and started playing it as soon as the game landed on my very hands. All I can say is, this game has been great to me.

On Halloween day my friend dressed up as Luigi. When he was drunk, he said that Luigi was useless. He was only a sidekick for Mario and he only got lucky that he found Princess Daisy. After this game, I don’t think he could say the same about Luigi.

Luigi has developed a distinct feature apart from his brother. He is appeared taller and skinner in all the games. Even though he also appears as a scary cat, he still mission through all the levels to save his beloved twin brother, Mario.

In the story, Luigi was invited to a “marvelous” hotel. After he took a nap in his room, he woke up realizing the spookiness of the hotel and discovered that all his friends have disappeared because King Boo have captured them in picture frames. The goal of this game is to go through every floor and free Luigi’s friends. In the beginning of this game, the elevator that allow you to visit floors is missing all their buttons. You have to win the big boss to retrieve a button.

This game has a co-op function. The second player will be Googi, a gummy duplicate of Luigi, who is able to go throw metal gates and help him completing tasks that is hard to finish by himself. In my opinion, this is a great addition to the game.


I only have three levels left for this game and I have only been playing it for three days. This has explained the excitement of this game. Disclaimer: I am not a professional gamer and I have just started being super engaged with video games; however, here are some of my humble opinions.

The graphic is unbeatable. I recommend hooking up to the television to play the game so you can dwell in this amazing hotel that Nintendo designed. The theme of each level is different yet incredibly creative. There is some rather easy level, for example the fifth floor, that only has one recital hall to explore. However, there are more complicated floors like the 7th and the 8th, the garden and movie floor respectively. After the first few floor, you will start to understand the logic behind Nintendo creator’s mind. I would dare say this game is more suitable for beginner gamers than Link’s awakening. The instructions are more explicit and the goal is more clear than Link’s awakening. If you are a person that needs a clear guide, this game is for you.

However, despite the clear instruction, it does not limit your creativity. With the Nintendo game mindset, will help you finishing the levels but a creative mind will lead you to uncover the gems. Even though the gem is not required to complete the level, it is still oddly satisfying to have found a gem under the sewage that can only access if you turn on the bathtub’s water and trigger the entrance behind the mirror.

Have I mentioned the new co-op function? It was perfect. I was the hat when I played Mario Odysseys but now I actually have a purpose. I have not quite figured out if the game modifies itself when you play the co-op version. However, if you are the second player, you do not have to worry that you will feel left out. There are gates that cannot be opened without the help of Googi. There are levels that require two people to complete. I enjoy figuring out puzzles with my friends.

Overall, I want to say Luigi Mansion is a great game, although I have not finish the whole game. I really hope that the ending of this game will not disappoint me.