Have you met a human-version Kirby?

Kirby is probably one of the most beloved characters created by Nintendo. In real life, there is no titular pink puff from a planet called Planet Popstar. However, maybe sometimes, the earth’s version of Kirby is right in front of you but disguised in a human form.

Photo: Jared Cherup

This article will list 10 physical, habitual, mental and emotional aspect of Kirby, see how many can you relate?

1.Tiny and round

Our beloved Kirby is a small pink spherical creature with two stubby arms, two red feet and two oval-shaped eyes with black pupils. Even though most of us do not have pink-coloured skin, when you were reading the description, someone’s face probably popped up in your mind, right?

2.Soft and flexible

As we may all know, Kirby has the ability to flatten himself or expand like a balloon. His officially size is 20 centimeters tall but never look down at this tiny little guy.

3.Despite how old he is, he still looks the same

Kirby just never ages? You can say that for most of the Nintendo characters but at least Mario and Link has a glow up while Kirby looks the same throughout all those years. Maybe when it first came out, it did not have the two blushes on its cheeks but other than that, Kirby has always been the pink puff of joy.

4.I am Baby

Have you seen the bingo sheet from Subtle Asian Dating? Well, if you are baby, then you probably are a Kirby too. In the anime, Kirby always acts like a child. Even though we do not know his exact age, we can tell by how Kirby’s peer, Tiff and Tuff, sometimes call him a “baby”.

5.Small but Feisty

Have you seen Kirby’s up, B, at Ultimate Smash? This pink balloon is not just a cute ball but a feisty one. It can easy attack you until you fly off stage. Never be little a cute animate character. My friend once won a provincial smash champion using Kirby.

6.Hangry is an emotion

The word ‘hangry’ is officially part of the Microsoft Word Vocabulary, which means it is a real thing. When Kirby is hungry, his eyes are significantly sharper-looking than his usual expression. If you get angry from being hungry, this is a sign that you might be a Kirby.

7.Can inhale food

Kirby can inhale food; it’s a viral meme. In Smash Bros Ultimate, his special skill is that he can inhale his opponent and absorb his power then spit the opponent out. Similarly, Kirby can inhale a table full of food and absorb it. In this world, he loves nothing more than eating and sleeping, especially during the day. Here is the GIF of this amazing creature:

8.May look innocent but is actually a fighter

According to an unofficial Kirby biography, Kirby is largely innocent and has a cheerful demeanor and a positive attitude. However, Kirby has demonstrated a consistent impulsive streak throughout the animate series. He is also willingly responded to Dedede’s call for a rematch and attacked Shadow Kirby without thinking. Do you know a reckless, innocent person?

9.Big heart

Kirby likes to help other people so much that sometimes, he goes out of his way to do it. According to the same unofficial biography of Kirby, in the Dyna Blade sub-game of Kirby Super Star Ultra, “he feeds Dyna Blade’s chicks on his own (though expresses annoyance at Dyna Blade’s chicks’ constant noise-making before dragging them off to Whispy Woods to be fed by the constant dropped apples from the tree’s branches) and teaches them how to fly.” Well said.

10.Gets upset but doesn’t get mad to people who mean a lot to him

The same biography mentioned that, in the episode of Kirby Takes the Cake, “Kirby’s flashbacks show his inner side, where certain people (besides food) can mean a lot to him. When they don’t treat him as well as they usually do, and he doesn’t know why, he doesn’t voice his thoughts or blame them, but he can get very upset about himself.” The poor little doll has his downside too.

After reading the list, do you identify yourself as a Kirby? Well, I don’t like eating but besides that, I think I fit most of the categories of being a Kirby. How about you?