Canada’s best-looking Asian: Julien Kang | Hot Asian Men Friday

Julien Kang, is a French-Canadian television star, best known for pairing up with Yoon Se-ah, a Korean actress in a Korean reality show, We Got Married season 4. They got a ship-named called “Juliah couple” and was very well received.

Julien Kang, was known to most people that he is half Korean and half French Canadian. He was born in Saint Pierre and Miquelon, an overseas French territory off the coast of Canada. He was born to a French mother and a Korean father, or so he thought.

An article written by koreaboo, Julien did a DNA test turns out he is not 50% Korean. On his Instagram account, he posted his DNA result and it showed that he is actually more Mongolian than Korean.

The result shows that he is 52.5% Asian, but only 19.4% of which is Mongolian and only 17.2% is Korean. It is not uncommon that people have mixed genetic backgrounds. However, this is particularly shocking to Julien because he always introduces himself as half-Korean and half-French Canadian.

Whichever it is, Kang is blessed with some great genes. He was best known for his distinct features, sharp jawlines and a well-built body (he is 1.94 meters tall). He strength was tested when he was on Law of the Jungle in Mongolia, which features celebrities sent over to survive in remote locations.

His other relative is also blessed with the same genes. His older brother Denis Kang is a Canadian Professional mixed martial artist.