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I feel like the men I have introduced in my recent articles were too out of reach. Therefore, now I decide to introduce this multitalented wholesome f*ckboy named Eric Chou. This Taiwanese singer is nicknamed “Starics” moved to Boston when he was 11 and returned to his motherland, Taiwan when he decided to persuade a career in music. His second album “What Love Has Taught Us” became a big hit and made him one of the most loved Chinese singer in our generation.

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If the myth about wholesome f*ckboy is true, which means a man that have the look of a playboy but a wholesome personality, he is probably the closest manifestation of the term. Recently, he posted a picture of him cooking in the kitchen with nothing but his apron on, revealing his muscular arms. While this outfit may scream playboy, especially with a streak of hair dangling down from his face, his cooking covers the wholesomeness. He posted the picture on Chinese Valentine’s Day. Yes, you called it, he is cooking that steak for his girlfriend.

According to an article written by a Singaporean online media, Eric Chou confirms relationship with an anchorwoman six years his senior during the listening part for his newest EP, Freedom. Another online source stated explicitly that his type is girls that are older than him. I can assume that male that admire female that are older than him is because they think that female in the same age range are not at his mature level. In other words, it means that this boy is very mature.

Most of Chou’s songs are sad break-up songs. He shamelessly admitted that he “used to be unable to write songs when [he] had a girlfriend” because he was “simply too happy.”

I made this assumption that the new song he wrote, Forever Beautiful, is inspired by the current girlfriend. The tone and the lyrics are simply too cute and romantic that I refuse to believe that someone who is not in a happy relationship is able to compose such work.

Nevertheless, he has a dog.

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Enjoy those songs and fall in love with this wholesome fuckboy.