Your favourite ToQ 4gou: Ryusei Yokohama | Hot Asian Men Friday

Yokohama started his career when he was just a 6th grader. Now, he is only 23 years-old but his acting and modeling profile is filled with successive roles that he has been playing. When browsing through his photos I noticed that he has a really straight nose and a pair of really pretty eyes. He has really distinct features for someone who is still so young.

He is best known for playing this real-life animate series, ToQger. It is a story about the ToQgers helping out Lady, who is a conductor of the Galaxy Line, after she has been attacked by their mortal enemy called Count Nair of the Shadow Line. In other words, the story line is very similar to Power Rangers and Transformers.

Though he is best known as a character that constantly wears a mask, he also has other roles that captures the audience’s heart. In the last two years, Yokohama won two awards for his acting, which are Best Supporting Actor at the 12th Tokyo Drama Award and 43rd Japan Academy Film Prize for Newcomer of the year.

He played a disorderly high school student in the drama A story to Read when you First Fall in Love called Kyohei Yuri. His character has pastel pink hair and nothing captures more attention than a boy having pastel pink long hair with an irresistible look.

Summer 2020, Yokohama will be part of a play. People should keep an eye on his next performance!