【SAKE】Sakai Bar

Sakai Bar
Sake bar 🍶
Doing weekend bento deliveries until this all blows over. Email us to receive the menu.

Hey pals! So we’re shifting into this take out/delivery game for the time being and it’s going to be administered over email. Orders will be taken over email and ready for pick up between 1-7pm on Saturday and Sunday, or delivered to your door between Lansdowne + Ossington and Bloor + Queen. Menu will change each week, because that’s fun and it will include sake! This weekend’s theme will be SANDOS (plural… what will they be?). DM us your email addy and we’ll add you to our mailing list. Remember those!? Or you can just send an email to sakaibarto@gmail.com. Thanks for your continued support and stay safe and healthy and don’t forget to be kind.