Do Sailor Moon Sneakers give you magic powers?

A week before Chinese New Year, Skechers released a collection with Sailor Moon and people on Subtle Asian Traits cannot stop tagging each other on the post. Why are these pairs of sneakers so popular?

What comes up to your mind when we talk about Skechers?
“Ya, my mom wears that a lot,” said some.

“Do people still wear that?”” said others.

This new collection is here to prove us millennials wrong. Skechers is having a collaboration with Sailor Moon and it became one of the most-talked-about pair of shoes since 2020 has started. I am not going to lie. I was never a chunky or ugly sneakers fan but this collection sure is luring.

Last year, Skecher released a collaboration with the popular anime ‘One Piece’. This year the Sketcher D’Lites Airy 2.0 series will be launched in five colorways that represent the most popular guardians – Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury. The trendy chunky sneakers are around 140 CAD a pair.

What do you expect from a Sailor Moon themed sneakers? Ribbon? Cuteness? Magic? I think they have them all. Looking at the pictures, I think they have all of the qualities. The lace is tied into cute ribbons. The cuteness of the sneakers shouts cuteness. All I can say is if it is not magic then I don’t know what get into my head because I actually find those sneakers adorable.

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After how excited I got about these darn trainers I won't even be buying them for a few reasons… 1) I know I won't wear them 2) I underestimated how much space I have in my mini collection room so they are too cumbersome (like proplicas, you need a lot of space) 3) They cost a lot to sit on a shelf (like how I WON'T buy proplicas) 4) I'd rather buy other stuff 5) I've just got right with my collection after 3 yrs and I'm head over heels in love with what I already have. 6) My budget has changed so I can go out a couple of days a week to the #adultdaycare program. Obviously I don't need to explain myself but I just wanted to tell people "never have the fear of missing out" You don't know people's situation or life so just be happy & thankful for what you have ☺️ #sailormoon #セーラームーン #美少女戦士セーラームーン #sailormooncrystal #sailormooncollection #sailormooncollections #sailormoontoys #sailorchibimoon #sailorvenus #sailormoon90s #sailormercury #sailormars #sailorjupiter #skechersxsailormoon #usagitsukino #chibiusa #reihino #makotokino #minakoaino #amimizuno #sailormoongoods #bishoujosenshisailormoon #prettyguardians #sailormooncollector #美少女戦士セーラームーンcrystal #naokotakeuchi #prettyguardiansailormoon #prettyguardian #sailormoonskechers

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Skechers resurrection

I know Skechers is most definitely not the most fashionable shoes back when you were in high school. However, the fashion trend saved the dying company. According to HYPEBAE, the trend started in 2017.

“With brands like Balenciaga, Acne Studios, Gucci and Louis Vuitton creating their own versions of the so-called “dad sneaker,” the eye-catching silhouettes quickly became the must-have pieces for fashion and streetwear enthusiasts alike. Entering 2018, the trend has been as strong as ever, and it seems like “ugly” has really become the new cool,” said the fashion brand site HYPEBAE.

This new trend has saved dying 90s fashion brands like Kappa, FILA and our new favorite SKECHERS.

Skechers was founded in 1992 in L.A. The founder sought to focus on the casual footwear market. However, when the company was first founded it focused on selling utility-style boots and skate shoes.

The business got into a lawsuit in 2012 because the Federal Trade Commission of United States complaint that it had misled customers with its Shape-Ups advertisements.

Luckily, when the ‘dad shoes’ trend started, Skechers Korea immediately picked up the pace and released a successful collaboration with one the most popular Japanese anime One Piece and resurrected this dying brand.

According to the same article, Skechers really stepped up their sneaker game by “adding new, modern silhouettes like the D’Lites pictured above, it is also tapping talent like Camila Cabello to front the brand. The new strategy is all about the current trends, targeting the innovators and trend pioneers out there and appealing to a broader audience – not just your grandpa.”

In a Forbes article, it pointed out that “The athleisure trend has also contributed to the growth of Skechers. Millennials have brought a new focus on fitness and health to the marketplace. People want to dress as if they are working out, even if they are not. Skechers’ products are appropriate for both camps. The products can perform AND they look cute.” Sometimes, you really cannot predict what the new generation is thinking. They can always take you by surprise.

Certainly, it is not easy for you to get into this chunky shoe trend. However, it has already been two years, people around you are still wearing them. Maybe it is time for you to get on the trend.