Dean Fujioka speaks 6 languages and sexy may be one of the language he speaks | Hot Asian Men Friday

Talented Dean Fujioka is multi-lingual. He speaks English, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin and Indonesian fluently. Wait, if speaking sexy counts as a language, then he is basically fluent in six languages.

Fujioka’s birth name is Tatsuo Fujioka. This beautiful face moved to Seattle after graduating from high school in Japan and he specialized in IT. After finishing school, he visited various countries in Asia to learn more about different cultures. He was a music talent since he was little. He was familiar with music theories and different music instruments. He first started producing music when he was in Indonesia but now he mainly based in Japan. He can play the piano, drums and guitar. He also often shows off his beatboxing skills on TV.

His talent does not just stop at music and languages. He also picked up Chinese martial art, kickboxing, chess, basketball, skiing and photography when he was travelling around Asia. He also started his modeling career in Hong Kong in 2004 for international and local brands. In 2006, this stud began his acting career in Taipei. He stayed in Taiwan for a long while until he moved back to Japan in 2015. In the next few years this big brain had his own TV series, a regular on a radio program, an irregular on a news program and also released his own album. According to the top trending Google Search queries by year in 2016, he was ranked 5th in the world in the category “Musicians”. He also directed a movie called I am Ichihashi – Journal of a Murderer. His name is known in the entertainment industry because of his multi-talent and his pretty face. Did I mention that he released a photobook called Tatsumaki Photoessay? I don’t think this article is long enough for me to write down every single accomplishment he has achieved.

Like many popular items, this one is also taken. Fujioka tied the knot with the beautiful Vanina Amalia Hidayat in 2012 and have a pair of beautiful twins. If I ever met someone like Fujioka I would lock him up too.

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