Hong Kong Justin Bieber: MC Jin | Hot Asian Men Friday

I recall watching one of MC Jin’s interview on Youtube. He was telling the interviewee that he was really popular in Hong Kong back then, it was the equivalent of Justin Bieber of Hong Kong. We like our man with lots of confident and plenty of fame, don’t we?

MC Jin is the first Asian American solo rapper to be signed to a major record label in the United States. Chinese name Jin Au-Yeung, was a Hakka descendent and lived in Hong Kong for a several years before returning to New York in 2012.

As rap got popularized in China, he was invited to one of a reality show called “The Rap of China”. This gained him fame and success outside Hong Kong and America. Last year, he became a rapping instructor with Jackson Wang in Idol Producer. His rapping ability is known transnationally, are you not impressed?

If you like religious man, MC Jin wrote a song dedicated to his baptism in 2008, called “Welcome to the Light Club”. This really shows his faith.

This Asian rapper also had a chance to rap with Hong Kong Chief executive Donald Tsang in 2010 December. He has relation all around the world even political ones, did that capture your heart?

Previously I wrote about Asian American in English pop music culture is underappreciated. He wrote a famous rap song that many Asian North Americans are still able to rap along called “ABC”, talking about being American Born Chinese. I believe many Asian American have felt this kind of cultural identity crisis and this song speaks for all of us. We do love our man being cultured and educated.

MC Jin is the definition of the best of both world. Sometimes I feel like I am too fob for the Canadians yet too western-influenced than my friends in Hong Kong. And this man embeds both culture and have gain fame and success in both side of the world.