Crazy Rich Asian Henry Golding is a Sexual Healer | Hot Asian Men Friday

Some people in high school got voted as “Class clown” or “the genius” but Henry Ewan Golding, an English-Malaysian actor who is best known for his role as Nick Young, was voted as “sexual healer”.

In the movie, Crazy Rich Asian,which is an adaption of Kevin Kwan’s novel with the same name, Nick Young acted by Henry Golding got many people’s attention. There are scenes when Golding is topless for his friend’s bachelor party. His abs were flashing on the screen and don’t deny it, you cannot stop looking.

With his posh British accent of prestige, eyes that shines like a star and six steel-like abs, I think this is the definition of perfection. He was commented as the “Asian Bachelor” in the movie and this role is perfect for him because he is also an Asian Bachelor in real life.

In an article on Vogue written by Michelle Ruiz, she said “Crazy Rich Asians is many things—a glittering joyfest, a boon for the return of the rom-com, and a much-needed, long overdue mainstream film starring an all-Asian cast. But make no mistake, it is also the birth of Golding as a major movie star and an unabashed vehicle for his dashing, devastating hotness.” Devastating hotness indeed.

If this smile does not light up your day I don’t know what can.

Another articleabout him on Peoplemagazine he said that he was so thankful that the Director of the film found him because since then his life had changed completely. According to the interview, Golding said “[The film director] always says that they searched the entire world for their Nick Young,” says Golding. “And he was exactly where the book told him he was going to be, in Singapore.”
It is hard not to pick him for this role because he is literally perfect.

Sexual Healer

Well, him being voted as “sexual healer” makes a lot of sense. However, according to his interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show , the true reason why he was known as “sexual healer” was because he used to go around school singing Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’. This got his classmates’ attention and his parents were concerned and asked him, “What are you doing at school exactly?”. Well, this anecdote is a mellow plot twist.

Guilty pleasure

If the six abs, well-groomed hair and posh English accent seems too distantly perfect, Golding admits that in his free time he enjoys scrolling cat videos on Instagram. He commented his own habit as “the stupidest thing” during the interview withPeople. Now, this too-good-to-be-true human seems a little bit more down to earth. He just like cats like you and me.

Look at this wholesome picture of our man and a dog.

All hot picks are picked

This hot stud, like many other guys I have written, is happily married. His wife Liv Lo and Golding met in 2011 on New Year’s Eve. They got engaged in 2015 when they were on vacation in Phuket, Thailand and in August 2016, the lovebirds tied the knot.

Even though he is taken in real life, you can always pick up a copy of Crazy Rich Asian and imagine yourself as Constance Wu (his girlfriend in the story). But honestly, maybe I should take a flight to Singapore and find myself a Nick Young.