A trained A. S. S.: How Ryan Higa became a famous Ninja?| Hot Asian Guy Friday

“As long as I remember, I have been trained to become an A. S. S – Agent of Secret Stuff,” said Nigahiga in his video. Higa is consistently being among the top channels on YouTube for a decade, the top comedy channel for several years, and the top Asian on the platform since its inception. Despite all that, he is the top choice in many girls’ hearts.

“Niga” means “to rant” in Japanese, it was created when he started his “off the pills” video. Higa has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) growing up, his “off the pills” video is for him to rant about issues when he is really hyped. Some people thought that the name could be “racist” but Higa explains that the name is pronounced as “neega-heega”.

Higa, a Hawaiian born Japanese, is rich, funny, smart and has a big heart. He committed to become a YouTuber after he started college when he realized that he did not want to continue with his pre-med education. He was voted 30 Under 30 in 2017 and his net worth of 10 million USD. This stud also started a charitable organization called ‘Ryan Higa Foundation” to recognize individuals who does charitable act towards needy and underprivileged people, thus granting them a “Best Day Ever” award. In addition to that in 2016, the talented being started his own beverage brand with two other friends named “Ninja Melk” which is an energy drink blending with organic milk and flavours with carbonated water.

If you think that is not enough, Higa also published a book called “How to Write Good” in 2017 and it was rated 4.18 stars on goodreads and was awarded NYTimes best seller.

If you love a man with his dogs, Higa has a miniature Dachshund called Marley, a corgi called Teddy and shibaiu called Roku. Look at the man and his dogs on Instagram:

However, sorry girls I have bad news. This hot guy is taken by Korean American actress Arden Cho, who is best known for her role as Kira Yukimura.