I’ll take a Glass of Daniel Henney, Please: The Story behind my Day Drink. | Hot Asian Guy Friday

Henney is a television star and a stud. The Korean-American actor—born in Busan, South Korea was raised in the United States after being adopted by a white American couple.

As a teen, Henney was a star basketball player at Carson City-Crystal High School and led the Eagles to the MHSAA Central region (CSAA) 2nd place finish during his senior year. Of course he’s atheletic, in really good shape and has a nice chest.

Henney started his career as a model, worked in France, Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan while attending college. After his debut in South Korea with an advertisement for the Amore Pacific’s cosmetic “Odyssey Sunrise”, he became a spokesperson for commercials with Jun Ji-hyun for Olympus cameras and Kim Tae-hee for Daewoo Electronics’s Klasse air conditioners.

Here’s him bouncing on a bed, in a hotel room, with a suit on.

If you want to see more of him, check out Spring Waltz and My Lovely Sam Soon, Hawaii Five-0and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. As of now, he is part of the permanent cast of Criminal Minds for its thirteenth season.

I love a man who can take good pictures of his dog. You can also follow his dog, Rosco, on Instagram.