Simu Liu, fighting for representation on the big screen | Hot Asian Guy Friday

Simu Liu, 劉思慕 is our Mississauga-born, Chinese-Canadian hot guy Friday. He reminds me of the young, hot, smart boys I see when I’m jogging around the U of T campus—motivation for my daily workout.

He’ll be starring as Shang-Chi, Marvel’s very first Asian super-hero, alongside legendary actor and iconic Hong Kong-ese hot guy, Tony Leung (we’ll do a feature on him next week).

Simu, born in Harbin, China, immigrated to Canada at the age of five. Best known for his role on Kim Convenience, Simu was also rumoured to make an appearance in the next Crazy Rich Asians and recently joined the cast of ABC’s Fresh off the Boat.

He’s also a pretty ideal son, studied at the elite Ivey Business School at Western University and worked at Deloitte before perusing acting full-time. The “good son” also strives to represent Asian culture in Hollywood.

“We need more public figures [who] are more unapologetically Asian: People who are willing to wear that ethnicity or cultural identity proudly. It’s something that I struggled with a lot as a kid growing up, because we were constantly made fun of for being different,” Liu said.

Here’s Jeremy Lin, NBA chamption for the Toronto Raptors, and your boyfriend in your mother’s dream with Simu (the other boyfriend in your mother’s dream?). Either way, I think my mom will like both of them and so will I.

I hope his Kung Fu skills is a representation of what he can do in the bedroom. He’s also super cut. Here’s a shot of his abs.