The World’s Hottest Men, Keanu Reeves in ‘Always Be My Maybe’ | Hot Asian Guy Friday

There is an on-going resistance in the Hollywood—at least two examples of movies about Asians falling for Asians were made in the past two years: the 2018 hit, Crazy Rich Asians by Jon Chu and Netflix’s latest rom-com, Always Be My Maybe by Nahnatchka.

While Crazy Rich Asians is a Cinderella-esque story of an Asian American meeting Asian prince, Always Be My Maybe is about a powerful woman falling back in love with her middle-class stoner ex-boyfriend. It’s sassy, funny and hits all of the right spots, right where we Asian women like it.

As a successful Asian woman myself, I cannot help but wonder if the brilliant and funny Ali Wong simply made the film simply to make out with the world’s hottest men—Keanu Reeves and Daniel Dae (bae) Kim. Even if that’s the case, however, I’m ok with it. And thanks to her, I now have an ideal three(or more)some in mind.

What a Queen.

#MeToo role model that we need right now, Keanu Reeves

It’s impossible not to like Keanu Reeves, the internet’s favorite boyfriend. The 54-year-old Lebanese Canadian (with a Chinese and Hawaiian multiracial background), is known for being a modest and down-to-earth human being, a rarity in Hollywood.

Reeves has been getting a lot of love in the recent month after releasing the latest John Wick movie, Parabellum, and announcing his role in CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, Toy Story 4, and for making an appearance in Always Be My Maybe, as an overtly sexualized and obnoxious version of himself. A man who can make a joke out of himself is hot.

Fans noticed that when Keanu takes pictures with female fans, he doesn’t put his arms around them, praising the star’s kind gestures and respectful behavior towards women. Given that recent narratives surrounding Hollywood leading men have mostly focused on allegations of sexual assaults, he is the #MeToo role model that we need right now.

The only hero we have left, and I’m here for it!

Here’s a clip to give you 10 reasons why Keanu is way too good for this world, if you’re not convinced.

I can’t tell what’s more adorable, Keanu or the puppies. Probably Keanu.

Artworks that we never knew we needed: illustrations reimagining Keanu as every dashing Disney prince.

Endlessly meme-able Keanu.

Daniel Dae (Bae) Kim

Daniel Dae Kim, who appeared in numerous hit TV shows, including “Lost,” “Hawaii Five-O,” “24″, “The Good Doctor,” as well as films such as the recent reboot of “Hellboy”, plays one of Wong’s love interests in Always Be My Maybe.

Hi. I am Daniel Dae Kim and I have the perfect bone structure and life-changing abs.

Daniel: “And if you read it a different way, it says ‘What a hot fine ASS MAN.’ Which is also correct.”
The internet: explodes

I am considering licking my laptop screen right now but that will be gross. I do, however, want his face to be my chair as I write my articles; he has sharp cheek bones.