I wish I lived in a Studio Ghibli World

Have you ever wished to have a neighbor like Totoro? Or wish to have someone like Kiki to deliver your amazon package? Have you ever looked at your pet goldfish and wish he is secretly Ponyo? Or picture yourself as no facewhen you eat? Those are the symptoms that you are obsessed with Studio Ghibli.

Studio Ghibli is a Japanese animation studio founded in 1985. Their first debut animation is Nausciaä of the Valley of the Wind. Six of the Studio Ghibli films are among the 10 highest-grossing anime films made in Japan. Spirited Awayis the highest grossing with over 360 million USD worldwide. Studio Ghibli’s film became many people’s best childhood memory. There are still times that I wish that I live in the Studio Ghibli World. This article will list things that I wish they actually exist.

My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

The story is about a young girl Mei’s befriending a large spirit called “Totoro”. Totoro, Mei and Mei’s sister Saktsuki have interesting encounters throughout the movie.

1. Totoro is the first thing that I wish I could bring to the real world. Imagine falling asleep atop Totoro’s belly and have the best dream ever. I can only imagine how comfortable it will be. He is so fluffy I’m going to die. In addition to that, he always appears whenever the girls need help. As you continue reading, you will notice that I am constantly looking for someone to help me but I really do.

2. Catbus (neko basu) is a large creature depicted as a grinning, twelve legged with a hollow body that serve as a bus. The Catbus runs, flies, bounces and hops across forests and lakes to reach to any destination one desires. The bus uses their round yellow eyes as a headlamp to guide its way. A transportation that can bring you to any destination you desire? I am sold! Please get me one of those in this planet that I am living.

Spirited Away (2001)

New York Times gave a great synopsis on the movie Spirited Away, saying that “a family takes a wrong turn on its way to a new home and a young girl is plunged into a dark adventure with a hauntingly drawn collection of spirits, witches, monsters and other fantastic creatures” (Hale, 2017)

3. I wish I could meet someone like Haku. He is like those cold, not talkative boys in K-drama, but always help you out when you need them. He is smart and cunning because he was able to deceive everyone in the mystic town and helped the main character, Chihiro Ogino, how to get out of the dangerous town and get back to where she came from. How ideal to have a male that is smart and reliable.

4. Susuwatari is the minions that works at Kamaji’s boiler room. Susuwatari is shown as a tennis ball-sized, pitch-black and fuzzy haired beings with two large eyes and spider like limbs. This character also appears in My Neighbor Totoro. How great it is to have cute fluff balls, work voluntarily for you. I wish someone could help me with errands, like laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping.

Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

This story is about an unconventional love between a half-man, half-bird magician and a young milliner who gets cursed and turns into an old woman. The story is set in a fictional kingdom where both magic and early 20thcentury technology co-exist.

5. Let’s be honest, we all want a Howl, an attractive young man with special talents. Before his cursed get lifted, Howl has blonde hair. In the end of the movie, his hair turned black. As shown in the movie, his personality is bright, confident, charming and intelligent. I don’t think I need to explain further why I want him in our world.

6. Calcifer is a flame that appears as orange-red in the movie. Calcifer provides heat and power to Howl’s moving castle. The little flame of his fire is powerful. He eats a lot and eats everything. In this world that people are producing waste more than it can decompose, having Calcifer to eat up all the garbage will solve the problem.

Obviously, my unrealistic desire cannot and will not come true. However, the Studio Ghibli world is not perfect. Every story, the characters are facing problems that we are facing in the real world. So sometimes, even living in a world with Totoro, Haku and Calcifer, problem still exist.