After all, Japanese noodles are where it’s at!

Here’s a whole list of Japanese noodles (including ramen, of course!) that’s gotten much buzz lately. The editorial team went to check them all out just for you! Which one (or many!) of these is your favourite?

A taste of home.

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA

Here’s a chashu (braised pork belly) noodle made by chef Aoki, a man whose name has become quite popular among the Japanese community lately. His refined, flavourful soup is sure to remind the Japanese of their home. The thick slice of chashu inside is so tender that it melts in your mouth.

MYE2 Japanese Restaurant
360 Dundas St E, Oakville

You really can’t go wrong with anything at this store.

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA

RAIJIN’s strength lies in its versatility, not just their ramen. This year, they added four new types ramen to their variety, all served cold, made especially for the summer season. While keeping up to date with the trends in Japan, RAIJIN creates flavours that continues to satisfy the palate of Torontonians. Their whole range of toppings makes you want to keep going back until you’ve tried them all.

24 Wellesley St West Rear

Arguably the most authentic udon in Canada.

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA

Despite being famous for its sushi, this restaurant also serves udon and soba in their course menus. The quality of their dashi (stock, broth) and tempura is top-notch, just like the store itself. Their dishes just get better and better each time—a testament to their dedication to perfection.

7634 Woodbine Ave, Markham

A magical bowl of ramen filled with love from the chef.

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA

The renowned Okinawa-style izakaya, Ryoji, began anew with a ramen restaurant. With its generous portion of noodles, its wide range of toppings, and its carefully-crafted tonkotsu (pork bone) broth creates the perfect bowl. It’s definitely worth its price.

596 College St

The perfect bowl of ramen crafted by the master of ramen.

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA

Many celebrities visit Tokyo just for this bowl of hamaguri (clam) ramen. Along with its one-and-only soup comes the black truffles that bring you to a whole new world of flavours. It’s as if the noodles and soup were made for each other; you really can’t get anything quite like this anywhere else.

5051 Yonge St, North York

Delicious asari (clam) ramen on its way!

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA

The chicken-based salt ramen created by this yakitori restaurant is simple and lightly seasoned. On the other hand, their upcoming asari-based ramen is tasty, and serves as a perfect ending after you’ve had your drinks. Without doubt, this would be one of the best bowls out there once the clams become more plump this summer.

3160 Steeles Ave E, Markham (J-Town)

A must-eat when Toronto welcomes its summer.

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA

Hiyashi-chuka, or cold ramen noodles, is what your body calls for when the heat wave starts to wash over Toronto. What’s great about KOYOI’s noodles is that you can literally have them anywhere with anything, even on the patio with your glass of beer. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go get the noodles now!

2 Irwin Ave

The splendid combination of sushi and soba.

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA

Their sushi is created with a large portion of neta (fish) placed over a small, perfectly shaped shari (rice). The master’s sushi here is quite something. After a drink along with your favourite sushi, it’s time to have the tempura soba. Dip the shrimp tempura—fried crisp to perfection—into the soba sauce and enjoy it with the soba. Even the tempura pieces that fall into the soup add another layer to the flavour. This is what you call a bowl of happiness.

2766 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough

A unique taste and flavour, based on its own philosophy.

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA

As the pioneer of the ramen craze in Toronto, KINTON RAMEN’s success is proven by the fact that they finally set foot in Tokyo. You can see their originality in their broths, whether it be tonkotsu or chicken paitan (chicken bone) broth. What’s more, each branch has its own creation, making the whole experience that much better for any ramen lover. The creamy tonkotsu at Eglinton is one where you can feel their unyielding passion for ramen.

90 Eglinton Ave E #108 / 668 Bloor St W(and various locations)

Noodles at Guu are Guuu’d in taste!

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA
Now for the pioneer of izakaya culture in Toronto. As the creator of a range of izakaya foods, their innovative spirit exists in their bowl of noodles as well. The fat from the wagyu beef in this one melts out and in to the dashi, making each bite different from the one before. Can’t wait to see what they have in store next!

1314 Queen St W

And now… time for the new dishes from the legendary one-star Michelin restaurant, Konjiki Ramen: “Lobster ramen” and “Lobster gyoza”!

Wednesdays only!
Their lobster meat will get you drooling already.
Devour it with some thick noodles!

Lobster ramen $28

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA

A bowl made with fresh lobster delivered from the east coast. At the centre is a lobster claw in all its glory, surrounded by their homemade chashu, homemade lobster oil, lobster cream, and of course, lobster meat. You can choose your soup from either miso (bean paste) or tonkotsu, and the thick noodle, made for this very bowl, completes the circle. The rich soup entangles well with the thick noodles, and the umami from the lobster wraps everything together. Caught yourself drooling already? Me too.

Mondays and Tuesdays only!
The more you chew, the more your mouth is filled with flavour.
A luxurious way to enjoy lobster.

Lobster gyoza $7.50

Japanese Noodles - JAPAN in CANADA
A generous portion of lobster meat is used for the filling of this gyoza, along with paprika and onions. Sounds good to you already? That’s not where it ends. You don’t enjoy this gyoza with soy sauce like you would normally do; instead, dip it into lobster cream, and there you have it. There are four pieces on one plate, but it’s no question that the plate will be empty in no time.

(Japanese Article: ジャパニーズ・ヌードルはやっぱり美味い!|特集「カナダのアジアンヌードルを食べ尽くせ!麺活特集」