Ikumi Nakamura’s Whimsical Presentation of a Creepy Game, Ghostwire Tokyo

Artist and creative director at Tango Gameworks, Ikumi Nakamura, caused a buzz at the Bethesda’s E3 conference. Nakamura went onstage to announce Ghostwire Tokyo, Tango’s last game. She was excited and showed it, posing for the audiences, cracking jokes, making fans in the audience clap for her all throughout her presentation.
Tango Gameworks also made the games The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2, but Nakamura mentioned in her whimsical presentation that their latest effort, Ghostwire was less of a survival horror game but a paranormal piece with a somewhat creepy vibe. The trailer played was incredibly life-like features a guy with a bow.
Fans loved Nakamura. Her presentation, though brief, was engaging, enthusiastic, and triggered the creation of tons of fan art, gifs and mems, from fans around the world, featuring her in her unique glasses, all-black outfit, and looking fire as hell. We hope she continues to show up on stage as a presenter.