Game Review: Pokémon Sword and Shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield came out on 15th November. People lined-up outside EB games in Montreal for 1.5 hour for this powerful duo. However, did the game live up to its hype?

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Looking back, I can see that Pokémon was an important part of my childhood. It’s something that I devoted hours to, playing the Generation IV games on my Nintendo DS with my cousins, battling and trading away. That was nine years ago, and we’ve all grown since. So I wish I could say that playing the latest Pokémon games reminded me of fond memories of simpler times, but unfortunately that isn’t true, at least not totally. While that compelling core gameplay remains intact, as it has ever since the very first Pokémon Trainers set out to conquer Kanto in monochrome, I still got the sense that something was missing. Whether you wear your nostalgia goggles proudly, or take them off entirely, there’s no denying the huge absence that lies at the very heart of Pokémon Sword. Visit the link in bio for our FULL review and to keep up on our latest reviews and articles #PokemonSword #PressOToCouch – Trailer Used – Pokémon Sword and Shield Trailer – New Pokemon, Legendaries, Dynamax – Music Used – Pokémon Sword & Shield – Opening Theme

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After Let’s go Pikachu, this is the second Pokémon game Nintendo has for switch. People have been dreaming and thinking about the game since they first announced the game. Personally, I am not that interested in Pokémon games so I interviewed one of friends who bought the Pokémon Sword game. It turns out that he was disappointed by the game. I will refer my friend as Richard and not disclose his full name for privacy sake.

According to Richard, the main difference between Sword and Shield is one catches Pikachu, the other catches Evee. Richard said that he finished the game over the weekend of the 15th and used approximately 15 hours on the game. He said that he finished the game faster than he expected, adding that this could be because this game is a lot easier than expected.

Richard loved how the story was based in England and the game had “nailed the dynamic and vibe of being in England.” The graphic is decent but it did not particularly impress him. Last generation of switch game he played was “Pokémon Platinum”. Compare to that game he thinks that the graphic now is more dimensional and pays more attention to detail.

However, when talking about the game overall. He said that the game is underwhelming. He points out that the game designer ran out of ideas for cute Pokémons besides Wooloo, which is a sheep-looking Pokémon. Moreover, the game got a lot easier compare to Let’s go Pikachu, Ambrose and other Pokémon games. One example that he provided was that after winning battles, the XP value for the entire team of Pokémon increases. In other words, they made “XP share” mandatory and instead of picking one pokemon to share, it share with all the Pokemons you had.

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Richard referred to his personal experience, saying that he had a Meowth on his team without ever using him at battles. When he finished the game his Meowth is 50 level but Meowth never left the Pokéball since Richard caught Meowth.

Another example of the game being easier is that while his character was on the run in the wild, he was able to find potions easier. Therefore, it lost the fun of finding and explore around when things are literally in front of you.

The most special feature of this game is the Dynamax power up. According to Richard, once he activates the power bracelet, the Pokémon enlarges to the same size as a skyscraper. However, Richard said that the power boost after the enlargement was not significant. He said, “the Health Points increases but not to a point that you are invincible. It is a just a small boost.”

When I asked him to compare it with “Let’s go Pikachu” which is another Nintendo switch game, he said he preferred Let’s go over Sword because “the Pokémons are cuter and [he] gets to spend more time with his Pokémon that he grows emotionally attached.” I believe I would feel the same if I have a pet going through journeys with me.

Richard said that Sirfetch’d is his favorite Pokémon from the game. “Even though Dynamax Snorlex is as big as an island, one Sirfetch’d attack can end the battle,” Richard in an amazed tone.

If he could make changes for the game, he said he would reduce the cut scene. “I don’t know about others, but when I play the Pokémon games, I like to explore around but whenever I walk a little but further to the right, there goes a cut scene. They are cool and all that but it just a little bit too excessive,” Richard commented.

He said no tips are needed for this game, even for catching Legendary Pokémons 4 to 6 ultraballs will do the job.

Sadly, he only rated 6/10 for this game, adding that it is not worth 80-dollar Canadian plus tax. Will you still buy this game?