Hot philosopher defines eroticism for you: Byung-Chul Han | Hot Asian Men Friday

Byung-Chul Han is a handsome South Korean-born German philosopher, cultural theorist and professor at the Berlin University of the Arts.

His writing spans from art theory to literary analysis, to film criticism, to Hegelian philosophy. In his book, Agonie des Eros, this beautiful man reflects on the film Melancholia (2011) by Lars von Trier and its relation to eroticism. “Pornography and sexuality is something completely different from eroticism. Eroticism has something to do with overspending, crossing of one’s own limits, that is, eroticism. Not sexuality, sexuality is something very egoistical, very self-centered and eroticism is not” (Agonie des Eros, 2012)
and cultural theorists. 

This stud is also mysterious, doesn’t give public lectures often and does not have social media. Instead, he makes his presence known by writing books, publishing more than 26 books in the course of his career. His text is short, concise and easy to digest, yet his ideas are complex and relevant to our times. 

In his famous work, Burnout Society (2010), he comments on subways. “They have put glass in front of the tracks so that it became impossible to throw oneself in front of a train. The message now is: don’t jump, consume.” Offering that being tired is the ultimate resistance to consumer culture and capitalism. 

His critique on media and communication in The Transparency Society is perhaps most relevant to today’s discussion over data collection by large tech companies such as Facebook:

 “Transparency is the order of the day. It is a term, a slogan, that dominates public discourse about corruption and freedom of information. Considered crucial to democracy, it touches our political and economic lives as well as our private lives. Anyone can obtain information about anything. Everything—and everyone—has become transparent: unveiled or exposed by the apparatuses that exert a kind of collective control over the post-capitalist world.”

His work is translated into more than 11 languages and read by individuals from a variety of decilines. 

Below is a video of his gorgeous face: