Your beauty shall last forever: Godfrey Gao | Hot Asian Men Friday

On Tuesday night, the world lost one of the most beautiful humans – Godfrey Gao. Gao is an Asian American model was remembered as the pioneer of Asian representation in Western media. Unfortunately, Gao passed away on Tuesday night while filming a reality show in China.

In Guardian’s article, they describe Gao as someone who was “famous for being the first Asian international supermodel but he was much more than just a pretty face – he had a reputation for being one of the friendliest stars in an intensely competitive industry.” He was a complete package when he was alive, and he will forever be remembered the same way

Gao was many people’s childhood idol, especially for Asian Americans. He was born in Taipei and raised in Vancouver. Then became the first Asian model to star in a Louis Vuitton campaign. He is 193 centimeters tall and with the world’s nicest features. Unfortunately, after 17 hours of filming, he suffered cardiac arrest while filming for a Chinese reality show Chase Me.

In one of CBC news article, they interviewed Paul Eberhardt who used to be his basketball coach and said that “a lot of times in that profession you’ve got to have a pretty big ego but that was never him. He was just a really humble, nice kid.” If God is real, why would he take away this perfect man’s life that early?

Gao was most known for his role in the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in western media. After he left North America, he rose to fame in Taiwan and became a fixture in Chinse movies and television. However, right when his career begins to fly, the earth takes him back.

I can go on and on about how incredibly he is but in this article, I just want to share that once there is this beautiful being, kind hearted and hardworking but tragically died on set. Death freezes his beauty and ends his life at his peak. Rest in peace Godfrey Gao.