The world’s most handsome man – V from BTS | Hot Asian Men Friday

BTS’s V, real name Kim Taehyung, was voted the world’s most handsome man on Family STAR 101 in 2018. And we cannot not lie that he has a handsome face that makes our hearts skip a beat.

When BTS was on James Corden’s carpool karaoke, the world screamed for 16 minutes straight because how could you not? They are the cutest!

When James Corden asked what were the nicknames the members get, Jin swiftly said his name was “WWH – worldwide handsome”. Jimin said that his nickname was “mochi” and V humbly said that he was called the “good boy”. However, we all know that behind his back, everyone calls him “the most handsome man”.

V was born in 1995 December and he made his debut as a member of BTS in 2013. Little did anyone on the team know that they are one of the most sensational boyband exist on the planet. V aspired to be a singer since elementary school. When he was in middle school, he fell in love with saxophone and desired to be a professional saxophone player. However, after he auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment, he became part of this boy band that everyone obsesses.

In 2018, a company analyzed searches on K-pop industry on Google. The result shows that “V” was ranked first on the chart, adding that he was the most searched keyword for 5 years straight. No one can resist to go on google and search up images of this beautiful human being.

The site that appointed him as the most handsome man in 2018 said that “V has beautiful eyes and angelic and charming face”, adding that it looks “proportionate with or without make up on”. Maybe this is what the golden ratio is all about. Honestly, who can resist a man that can sing, dance, song-write and can play the saxophone?

If you have seen this guy before this article. Please join the BTS army with me and search his name on Google. I promise the result does not disappoint.