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The second youngest actor who won the Best Actor Award at Japan Academy Prize, Masaki Suda is one hell of a versatile young actor. Frequently labelled as a chameleon actor, his acting is never short of passion. To top it off, he is a fantastic musician. Behind the scene, he is the oldest of three brothers and the one with the easiest temper.

Masaki Suda was born in 1993 in Osaka. He grew up mainly interested in piano and soccer before making a debut as an actor at the age of 16, after being scouted when he was just a middle-schooler. At first, he was not interested in joining the entertaining industry. Only after he watched Gokusen that completely changed his mind, he started participating and auditioning at contests.

In 2008, Suda became one of the finalists for both the Amuse 30th anniversary audition and the 21st JUNON SUPERBOY CONTEST. Many companies became interested in this young boy and he finally settled with on and moved from Osaka to Tokyo to pursue a career that changed his life.

His career path has been rather smooth. He had plenty opportunities and was casted for excellent roles. In 2016, he was on 9 movies and 4 dramas within that one year span. The commercial success of his movies and his critically acclaimed roles in The Light Shines Only There, Assassination Classroom and Tomogui have skyrocketed his popularity.

Suda released his debut album Play and with the success of Sayonara Elergy, a single Huwie Ishizaki wrote for the drama Todome no Kiss, and his collaboration on Kenshi Yonezu’s song Haiiro to Ao, he became quite a successful musician. Suda’s most popular MVs include Haiiro to Ao, a song he collaborated with Kenshi Yonezu for and Sayonara Elegy, the theme song for drama Todome no Kiss.

Despite his fame, he still prioritizes his family. His brother said that he is very kind and easy-going. He never gets mad no matter how annoying the other brothers are. Although his popularity made his schedule really packed, he still always tries to free up his time to spend with his family.

A comment on Wikipedia said “Compared to some of his on-screen personalities, Suda is, in fact, a very conscientious person, calm and composed, soft-spoken and the type to think about things theoretically and understand. He is known to be kind and also have a fun-loving side that makes people like to be around him.”

This boy is born to be a star. His talent, his personality, his physique – It is like it was all written in the star.

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