Naughty boys BIGBANG: T.O.P edition | Hot Asian Men Friday

BIGBANG is returning to the performance scene and having their Coachella debut in April. I am especially excited to T. O. P return and see how the other boys grew up after waves and waves of scandals.

Every single boy from Big Bang has their own fan base. However, T. O. P. captures many people’s heart for his quirky dance move and incredible rapping skills.

Little did everyone know, T.O.P used to be an underground rapper prior to joining the sensational boy band BIGBANG. The bad boy image was with him since he grew interested in hip hop music back in middle school and often collaborate with his neighbor and bandmate G-Dragon.

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He is not just a pretty boy when age wears out the beauty. He has features and structures to his face that even after 14 years of performing does not tarnish it one bit. Handsome eyes, with a strong sharp jawline, tall nose and long tarsals – if there is a creator in this world, he/ she must have been extra attentive while creating this human being.

In 2010, he was the lead role for 71: Into the Fire and the bad boy image was embedded in everyone’s mind. The audience was shocked by how talented this man can be and how good he is whatever he does. Maybe not whatever he does because sometimes he still gets teased for his inability to dance as well as the other members on the team.

Unfortunately, I guess the bad boy image left the film scene and became reality when he was charged for marijuana use in 2017. He was later sentenced to a 10-month jail term suspended for two years, and was order to pay compensation. Though compare to other band members, the law he violated was not the most serious. However, he was one of the first members of the band got involved in a scandal like this.

After waves and waves of scandals, the group has been on a hiatus. People were surprised that they are having a comeback in a foreign country. Anyways, we are just glad to see T.O.P.’s pretty face again.