Make Easy DIY Crafts with instax! Part 1

Here are some easy DIY ideas for when you want to make full use of the photos you took on your instax! They are all super simple, so you will have your masterpiece finished in no time.

■ DIY NO.1 – Use the photos of your shoes as labels!

This is one of the most standard ways to make use of polaroids, but perhaps not as popular. It can be quite a hassle to check which shoe is in which box every time. Say goodbye to stress by simply taking a photo of each shoe and sticking the photo on to the right box—this way, you immediately know where everything is!

■ DIY NO.2 – Make your own clock!

You can easily change up the style by decorating it with new photos!

You can easily dress your clock up with a few photographs. By putting 12 photos around your clock, you will immediately have your very own clock. Whether it be a photo of numbers, or photos of your favourite places, that’s up to you!

Clock, 12 photos, masking tape.

  1. Hang your clock.
  2. Put photos around your clock by using masking tape on the back.

■ DIY NO.3 – Place your photos in the shape of a heart!

Why not put the photos you took on the wall? If you place them in the shape of a heart, you can easily make an artwork to fancy up your living room. You can put it anywhere really—above the TV, next to the bed, above the sofa, you name it. It’s best to put it close to eye level. It will definitely change the impression of your room.

If heart shape isn’t really for you, you can place your photos inside a black frame and you have a stylish piece to decorate your room. This black frame here is actually from Dollarama—you can indeed change up the style of your room for quite a cheap price!

(L) Also a good idea to put your photos with your favourite cutouts!
(R) You can get frames for a relatively low cost at shops like IKEA or Dollarama.

■ DIY NO. 4 – Make your very own calendar!

If you have a pile of polaroids, you can easily make your own calendar!

Photos, permanent marker.

  1. Write the numbers 1 through 31, words like “November” or “Monday” in the space beneath the photo. It’s also a good idea to take photos of numbers or letters S, M, T, and so on.
  2. Line the photos in the order of month, date, and day of the week and you have your own perpetual flip calendar!
Flip calendar style.


Love the DIY ideas, but don’t know what kind of photos to take in the first place? Then this 30 day photography challenge is for you! Take your instax out to town with you. Whether it be something you found while strolling on the street, a moment in time you spent with your friends, or one of your favourite things, there are so many things out there that you can take photos of!

□ DAY1 Your favourite food
□ DAY2 An animal
□ DAY3 Nature
□ DAY4 A smile
□ DAY5 Sunset
□ DAY6 A silhouette
□ DAY7 Something funny
□ DAY8 Something old
□ DAY9 A memory
□ DAY10 Your best friend
□ DAY11 Your favourite outfit
□ DAY12 A mode of transportation
□ DAY13 Your favourite colour
□ DAY14 Something new
□ DAY15 A leaf
□ DAY16 Your favourite path
□ DAY17 Sunrise
□ DAY18 Your hand (or anyone’s hand!)
□ DAY19 Something you do everyday
□ DAY20 Right before you go to bed
□ DAY21 Nighttime
□ DAY22 Light
□ DAY23 A cloud
□ DAY24 Something you like
□ DAY25 Your shoes
□ DAY26 Something you want
□ DAY27 A flower
□ DAY28 Something black and white
□ DAY29 A pattern
□ DAY30 You!