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SPOILER ALERT! Parasite after effect may make your basement phobia worse. But it honestly would not hurt if one day, the person who walks up from the basement is Woo-sik Choi – Kevin from Parasite – to teach you the perfect way to speak English.

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영화 기생충 기정기우 기택충숙

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After the South Korean film Parasite stormed the Oscar and won four awards at the ceremony, Parasite is the most talked about South Korean film of the year. With the humongous success of the movie, the stars casted in the film is under a large beaming spotlight.

Kevin or Ki-woo is one of the main male characters in the film – Woo-sik Choi is his real name. He was born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to Coquitlam, British Columbia when he was in fifth grade. He attended Simon Fraser University but returned to Korea to begin his acting career and transferred ChungAng University and majored in cultural studies.

Had his film debut in 2011, and within a decade he has already gained huge success. He was a co-star in the famous thriller movie Train to Busan in 2016, proceeding to the famous Okja the year after. Nevertheless, Parasite that gained him international recognition.

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Like many immigrants, in one of Choi’s interview, he revealed that he did not have the best start with the English language.

According to Huffing Post, during an interview Choi said that “I basically had no idea about English and had no idea about making foreigner friends, because of cultural differences.” He added that he was a shy 10-year old who did not have the best communication skills.

Choi also experienced that something every immigrant child have experienced – having a different lunch than their classmates. “One day, I brought my rice and kimchi and side dishes because I didn’t know, and I just brought a whole bunch of food with me, and then they were like, ‘Oh, what’s that smell?’,” said Choi in an interview, according to Huffing Post.

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Mr.Phoenix & Mr.Waititi

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However, I know it is cliché but you know what they say, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. “Because of those hard times, I think I built up more … flexible characteristics … with friends and with people,” Choi said, according to the same article.

This man that won the price and are on the global stage also have an ordinary immigration story like you and me.

In the age of 29, this man, according to available sources on the internet, is still available. Finally a gem that is still available.