No More Sexist Medical School Entrance Exams: After abolishing the unfair treatment of female applicants last year, women outperform men in Japanese medical school entrance exams

Last year, several medical schools in Japan were found to have manipulated exam results to give first-time male applicants an advantage over women and others who had previously failed the exam. Many medical schools, including […]

Ikumi Nakamura’s Whimsical Presentation of a Creepy Game, Ghostwire Tokyo

【ニュース】E3のBethesdaカンファレンスにて、ひとりの「日本人女性」が注目集め話題沸騰中。多くの人々の心をわし掴み — AUTOMATON(オートマトン) (@AUTOMATONJapan) June 10, 2019 Artist and creative director at Tango Gameworks, Ikumi Nakamura, caused a buzz at the Bethesda’s E3 conference. Nakamura went onstage to announce Ghostwire Tokyo, Tango’s last game. She […]